It takes a lot of different people to run a successful derby league! Not only do we need skaters to play the game, but we need staff to help us facilitate and run them! Here, we’ll provide you with some information about all the different positions we need filled to keep Bux-Mont running!

Non-Skating Staff


NSO stands for non-skating official and they are essential to our league! Without them, there’d be no games! Some of the jobs conducted by NSOs include, but are not limited to:

  • Timing the game
  • Tracking penalties
  • Timing penalties
  • Keeping score
  • Operating the scoreboard
  • Tracking lineups

For any and all information you’d need to become an NSO, check out WFTDA’s guidelines HERE.


To keep games exciting and to explain what’s going on to our new fans who may not know the sport, we need announcers! Announcers work with all of our officials to ensure our audience is getting all the nitty-gritty details of the game!

Skating Staff


Referees or skating officials are responsible for enforcing the rules and ensuring safe/fair gameplay. They’re also the people who call out penalties!

In order to become a ref, you need to pass our